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Take Out Bulk Trays

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CoraFaye’s Take Out Bulk Trays

Classic American Cooking for Groups, Parties, Meetings & Events
(Most orders requires 2-4 day notice)



Meats:  A la Carte and Bulk Trays


Beef Brisket- BBQ or Plain (1/2 Brisket $45.00)——————————–68.00

BBQ Rib Tips (Per Bone)————————————————————–1.50

BBQ Pulled Pork (1/2 Pan)———————————————————–58.00

Catfish Whole Fillet——————————————————————–6.50

Catfish Fillet Finger Food (1/2 Pan – 10 Pieces)——————————-65.00

Chicken, Fried – Leg/Wing/Thigh – Breast $4.50 (1/2 Pan-12-15 Pieces)——2.00

Chicken, Hot Wings – Plain or BBQ (1/2 Pan)——————————————36.00

Frog Legs, Fried———————————————————————————5.50

Pork Chops, Fried (1 set)———————————————————————6.50

Meatballs BBQ, Tomato or Herb Sauce (1/2 Pan)————————————39.95

Pork Neck Bones (1/2 Pan)——————————————————————39.95

Shrimp – Jumbo———————————————————————————2.25


Appetizers/Salad Dressing/Gravy/Sauces


CoraFaye’s Soul Food Egg Rolls Appetizers ——————————————1.75

(Choose: Mac ’n Cheese/Smothered Chicken/Collard Green/Cabbage/Yams)

Gravy, BBQ Sauce, CoraFaye’s House Sauce (Quart Size)————————11.99

Salad Dressing (Ranch/Blue Cheese Large Bottles)——————————–7.99



Side Orders

Additional Sizes:  Quart Size $11.99 or 42 Ounce Size $19.99 Feeds 6


Half Pan (feeds 15)          Full Pan (feeds 25-30) 

Black-Eyed Peas—————————————43.00———————–58.00

Cabbage (Smothered) ——————————- 33.00 ———————53.00

Candied Yams (Sweet Potato) ——————– 43.00———————–58.00

Cole Slaw———————————————— 33.00———————-53.00

Collard Greens (With Turkey Meat) ————-—- 43.00——————–58.00

Grilled Chicken——————————————43.00———————56.00

Mac ’n Cheese (Creamy) —————————-43.00———————-58.00

Mashed Potatoes Gravy——————————-33.00———————53.00

Pinto Beans Pain or over Rice ——————— 33.00———————53.00

Potato Salad——————————————— 33.00———————53.00

Rice ‘n Gravy ——————————————–33.00———————-53.00

Salad – Garden With/Lettuce & Tomato ——— 33.00——————–45.00



Banana Pudding with Cookies (1/2 Pan 24.99) …. Full Pan……………………39.99

Coconut Cream Cheese Cake—————————————————- 29.99

Double Chocolate Cake———————————————————– 24.99

Chocolate Cake (white inside)————————————————— 24.99

German Chocolate Cake———————————————————- 29.99

Peach Cobbler—— (1/2 Pan $29.99) —— Full Pan ————————- 45.00



Cornbread – 1 Dozen————————————————————– 18.00

Hush Puppies – 1 Dozen———————————————————- 12.00

Dinner Rolls – 1 Dozen———————————————————— 12.00


Heating Directions – Please Read


Food Trays should be picked up at least one hour before serving, if possible. CoraFaye’s will not be responsible for food once inspected and pick up for delivery.  If reheating is necessary, keep covered.  Heat once for approximately 45 to 60 minutes on low temperature to keep food from drying out and losing flavor and texture. NOTE: Burners will dry out food quickly, do not leave unattended when heating or add too much water in food to keep moist.