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                 Catch the inauguration at Cora Faye’s Cafe

The coffee’s already on at Cora Faye’s, the soul-food restaurant that Jason Sheehan raved about back in July 2007. The TV’s on, too, making this restaurant at 2861 Colorado Boulevard one of the best spots in the city for watching the inauguration of Barack Obama.

Channel 31 host Shaul Turner is on hand to greet diners, and owner Priscilla Smith will keep the coffee flowing. For details, call 303-333-5551.

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From Westword:

“Pressing right up against the sidewalk, the homey, family-run Cora Faye’s Café has flowers in the window boxes and a sign promising the comforts of “home cook’n” and “soul food” – code for “comfort food” long before the term was co-opted by restaurants serving up-from-frozen chicken-fried steaks and mashed potatoes out of a box.”


“Fried chicken and potato salad good enough to make my eyes roll back in my head.”

– Tucker Shaw, The Denver Post

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16251 E. Colfax Ave., #210

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